Dean Harwood

No More Wrist-Slapping Probations

From Inside Higher Education. This story looks to connect several hazing concerns over the past year to try to understand what is different about the current environment. One thing they fail to connect with is the prevalence of Ivy League schools with high profile cases, and the issues around the FAMU Band and previous knowledge of serious concerns.

Fraternity Pledges Sued Over Hazing Death

This article from Courthouse News Service provides a great amount of detailed information about the death of George Desdunes, SAE, Cornell. The details come from the lawsuit filed by his mother against individual pledges involved in the incident.

Behind Greek Lines: Fraternities and Sororities at Princeton

As I was looking for some background information on the fraternity/sorority community at Princeton, to try to better understand the recent ban on freshmen participating in any aspect of the recruitment process, I came across this five-part story from the Princeton student newspaper. It is likely that this series may have triggered some of the initiatives that led to the recent ban. Although the Princeton administration sees otherwise, these articles make a very strong case for having a strong connection between the institution and the fraternities/sororities.

I am also curious about how Princeton justifies its differentiation of the fraternities/sororities with the selective eating clubs. Neither group is recognized by Princeton, but the open relation with the eating clubs has allowed them to evolve with changing times. The confrontational approach to the fraternities/sororities has done a lot to keep them developing a symbiotic relationship that would benefit the entire community.

SAE (Cornell) Tradition Survives Despite Expulsion

This is a particularly challenging description of what has happened in the aftermath of the death of George Desdunes at Cornell. The individuals involved with that chapter have continued to try to recapture the traditions and events of the old group, with complete disregard for the values and rituals of SAE. The parties are more important than the rituals and legacy. They managed to take down a TKE chapter with them.