Dean Harwood

Outside the Lines: FAMU Band

ESPN’s Outside the Lines has a detailed report on the death of Robert Champion. It is a must read (and look for the full report on ESPN this weekend).

Youngstown State Kappa Alpha Psi Hazing Case

"The nine men range in age from 21 to 32." Why are 32 year-old men beating on college students?

These criminal charges may be an inroad to dealing with some very serious, and long-term, hazing traditions that exist, both on and off college campuses.

"Fuzzies" united and strong

This article was written by a parent of a member of Alpha Xi Delta at BGSU. It is a powerful reminder of how sisterhood plays a role in tragedy.

Georgia State Hazing Cover-up

This article came across my desk recently. I don’t know much about it, but it does get at the “no snitching” mindset that is infiltrating a lot of society.

Perceptive Greek Programming

From Inside HigherEd. This article provides an overview of an educational session from NASPA based on EBI research.

Dartmouth Hazing Case

This may be the first hazing case being approached through the lens of what happened at Florida A & M and Penn State in the fall. Colleges are asking themselves a lot of questions related to foreseeability as it relates to hazing, and other potentially dangerous behavior. Dartmouth is high-profile, and has the potential to set the bar for others. This is the number one fraternity/sorority story to watch so far in 2012.

Animal House

On the 30th anniversary of John Belushi’s death, we get the announcement of a production of Animal House as a Broadway musical. For people my age, this sounds kind of entertaining, for today’s college kids - totally irrelevant.

Thoughts and Mourning

This extremely well-written reflection comes from a fraternity alum from BGSU. I don’t know this young man, and I don’t know the three young women who died yesterday morning, but I do know the BGSU Greek Community. Make sure to read the comments.